33 Years of Orienteering

Or 43 years, if you count an event my ski coach at Harvard organized in November, 1963, in the Blue Hills just south of Boston. But I never kept the map....

From time to time I will post maps of some recent and some not-so-recent events. In addition, I post my training log on AttackPoint and there may be additional comments there. This page will also serve as home to the Sprint Series until we get something fancier.

Peter Gagarin (pg@crocker.com)


My own races (2007):

Recent additions --

Added links to maps from Boulder Dash, Highlander, and Big Blues Ramble (added October 25)


International Highlights

(last update June 1)


Other stuff:

From 1977, trip to the Maritimes in Eastern Canada

From 1997, map of the first Possum Trot in Kansas City

From 30 years ago, maps from the 1974-75 U.S. Champs

Billygoat maps and stories from 1989 and 1990

Some Team stuff

Top Ten list -- the first 7 candidates

Some unusual first legs

Annual maps and comments: 2006 | 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002

A few other earlier maps: 2001 | 1999 | 1997 | 1996 | 1992 | 1991 | 1989 | 1985 | 1984 | 1983 | 1982 | 1980 | 1977 | 1976 | 1975 | 1974 | 1973

Really stupid days
Worst maps ever
Toughest White course
Old Billygoats

Golf log from trip to the Carolinas and Georgia, 2006


2008 Sprint Series

Schedule -- The schedule has a new address (www.sprintseries.org) and a new look, and is also still very much under development. But there are a few events already listed. (added October 24)

To add a sprint to the schedule, send the following information to Kris Beecroft (krisbeecroft@msn.com) at least 20 days prior to the event:

  • Date
  • Location, preferably map name as well
  • Any course info that you care to provide
  • If it is a team fundraiser
  • Contact person and e-mail address
  • Web address for more information


(last updated October 5)

Information on course setting for sprints

Questions about the Sprint Series should be sent to the Commissioner (pg@crocker.com).

Archives -- 2007 Sprint Series

Standings (last updated September 27 -- final standings)

Sprint schedule for 2007

Rules for 2007

New for 2007 --

1. We're doing away with everyone getting at least 10 points for a sprint. It didn't seem to make any difference, and it was a whole lot more work for Boris. On the other other, we're keeping the 5-point bonus for team fundraisers. (And if you would like to know more about making a sprint a team fundraiser, just contact me at pg@crocker.com. It's very easy.)

2. The regular season series will run from December 30, 2006 -- with a special kick-off event in Cincinnati -- through Sunday, September 16. Standings will be based on your best six (6) points scores. This will be followed the following weekend by the Sprint Finals, Saturday, September 22 in Western Connecticut.

3. There will be a new format for the Sprint Finals. There will be two separate sprints, both with interval starts, one late morning and the other early afternoon. Both will be scored by points, but since these are the finals, the points will be really big, probably something on the order of 100 to the winner of each. (If there are three course for each sprint as was done at CNYO in September, then the second and third courses will still be worth a lot of points, just not quite as much.)

The final results for the Sprint Series will be based on your total points from from best six races in regular season and the two races in the finals.

Hope to have awards for a number of older and younger classes as well as just for men and women as in the past.

And both sprints will be sanctioned by USOF and count for rankings.

4. And then in mid-afternoon right after the second sprint, there will be special head-to-head races just for the top 4 (or 6 or 8, not sure yet) men, same for women, very spectator friendly.

Some of the details are still tentative, but this is the general idea.

Web page for the Sprint Finals


Archives -- 2006 Sprint Series

The Sprint Series is sponsored by Joe Scarborough of Scarborough Orienteering and Orienteer.com  

Maps from Finals -- Round 1 (Men Heat 1, Women and Men Heat 2), Round 2 (Men Heat 1, Women and Men Heat 2), Round 3 - first loop (Men Heat 1, Women and Men Heat 2), Round 3 - second loop (everyone).

Results boards -- Women, Men (Heat 1), Men (Heat 2). To help understand how the results of round 1 affect the seeding for round 2, and how the results for round 2 affect the seeding for round 3, refer to the Seedings for the Women and the Men.

Start List and Schedule

Seedings for the Women and the Men.

Info about the finals

Standings (last updated September 12 -- final standings)

Sprint schedule for 2006

Rules for 2006

Archives -- 2005 Sprint Series:

Sprint Finals:

Here's the bracket chart with the final standings produced by Ken and Clint for the Sprint Finals.

Splits from the Sprint Finals (Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3) Note that the finish punch was after the finish line, and the last split therefore reflects how quickly someone punched after they crossed the finish line. Finishing order at the finish line is what determined the results.

Maps from the Sprint Finals:

Round 1: Men Heats 1 and 2 | Men Heat 3 and Women
Round 2: Men Heats 1 and 2 | Men Heat 3 and Women
Round 3 (all ran the same course): Loops A/B | Loop C

Course setter's notes and course lengths.

Entries (plus information on the possibility of late entries)

Start times (don't be late, your competition won't wait)

Seedings and start groups for the Finals (Men Women). To adjust for the number of entries, Men's heat 1 will have 16 sprinters, Women's heat 1 and Men's heats 2 and 3 will have 20 sprinters each.

Information about the Finals

Final standings for the qualifying round of the Sprint Series

The schedule of events in the 2005 Sprint Series (with links to many of the maps)

The rules

Mega-control course (18.85 km, 580m climb, 203 controls), course setter J-J Coté

Pawtuckaway east - part 1 and part 4, Pawtuckaway north - part 2, Pawtuckaway west - part 3
Results from the Mega Control
Information on JJ's Mega course, including some shorter options
The long, long clue list from the Mega.

Results of the Fantasy Sprint Finals, a tie for first between Sandra and Hans.